60 day grace period.


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Thanks for taking time to help me. 

I was laid off recently on Nov 17 from my current company "A" and my 60 day grace period started  from then. 


1. I found a big implementation partner "B" and filed a H1B transfer through them but received RFE recently. Which will be addressed soon. 

Note:- I did not start working for this company "B" yet.

2. I might get an offer from a client "C"soon and they might file another transfer from A -- C. ( This is getting delayed)


--  To be in status in this 60 day grace period. Is it just required for an employer to transfer H1 or I have to start working to be in status. 

-- What happens if i don't start working to this new employer and wait for approval with out joining. will I be out of status after 60 days. ( The reason I am asking is company C is a client and its a full time position which i desire)


Any suggestion is much appreciated. 


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I am kind of in similar situation. Experts please help.

Large corporate Company A was holding my H1-B visa and I-94 valid till August 2019. I got terminated by company A on Dec 11th 2017 due to limited restructuring. Meanwhile Staffing Company B started my H1-B transfer and is in pending status. I started working for company B, but due to budget issue end client is not going to extend my contract beyond Dec 31st 2017. Company B is now going to terminate on Dec 31st.

Will I be out of status on Jan 1st or will be covered under 60 days grace period from company A's termination ?

Also I got full time job offer from company C and they will be initiating my H1 transfer based on Company A's approved H1 and 60 day grace period eligibility.

Appreciate guidance from experts on 60 days grace period rule and my legal status on Jan 1st as per situation explained above. 

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