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Hi All, 

I am applying for naturalization and trying to submit my form online. Do I have to create a separate user account for my wife to file N-400 or I can file from my account itself ? If I have to create a separate account, how can I relate my and my wife's application and request that applications to be considered together  for bio metrics, interview and other processes ?

Did anyone apply online and had similar situation ?

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You can send both applications by mail in one envelope and keep each application IN TOTALITY in a separate envelope with a cover letter and an universal cover letter for the contents of both envelopes. This may help to coordinate the process for both and I say may. On another topic make sure you and your other half vote at each and every election once able to and help bring back sanity.

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19 hours ago, kh_aaryan3 said:

Same question here: Understood online application will be separate for husband and wife. Seems like manual will be better so that appointments come together.  

How about my 7 year old son? Does he require a separate application (online or manual)?

Thanks in advance!

Once the parents become citizens, the child would automatically become a citizen. No extra application required. You can just get a US passport for the child, with your naturalization certificate.

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