H1B MAX OUT on Jan 2018 – Need suggestions


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My H1B will MAX OUT on Jan 2018, my PERM applied on Aug 2017 (Current approval going for Aug).

H1B Max Out : Jan 2018

PERM : Applied on Aug 17. Currently approval going for Aug.

Employment : My employer -->Layer 1--> Layer 2 -->Client (initially got Vendor letter and contract with Layer1)

My Questions are,

1. If my PERM approved before/after my H1B expires, Can i apply H1B extension for 1 year based on my PERM ?

2.If my PERM not approved before H1B expire, can I do change of status to H4. As 6 yrs completed do I need to go back India ?     

3.If PERM approved after H1B expired, can I apply for I140 ?  Do I need any document from Layer1 for I140.

4. Can I apply H1B extension (after I140 approved) even though change of status(H4) application in progress.

5.After H1B expired, the contract with Layer1 will get end. For new contract they need Valid Visa. So how I can apply H1B extension with out contract and Vendor letter.




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