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Hello Team,

We have applied for H1B General visa in 2015-April and "my application got picked", but after couple of weeks the status got changed to "Requested for Evidence" and after some time the status has changed to "Received your response to our requested for Evidence". After that there is no change in status till date (its been 808 days till date). We were following up continuously with our employer, but the response was not really satisfying. After some time we got to know that the employer sold his firm, but the person who took over is not ready to help us to know the status, as he is worried if something backfires his firm will be in trouble. There is lot of Ambiguity around my case, we really want to know the status. Request you to please help me if there is any ways i can reach out o USCIS to know status of my application. I feel so help less as the employer is not ready to help me in anyways.

Hope to receive some positive response.

Thanking you in Advance.




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