RFE Amendment rejected for H1B


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Hello Sir

Urgent help required.

My Amendment RFE got rejected today, but validity of my I-94 is still valid till 2019.

My question is.

1. Can i continue working in US with same location or can i continue work from my previous location for current client for which visa got rejected

2. According to new visa policy, if amendment gets rejected, is my I-94 still valid??

3. If my I-94 does not valid for how long can i stay in US, because my company has not received document of rejection, will take 2 week to receive this document from USCIS.

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1. You may not go back and work at the previous location. Any new amendment to existing H1-B overrides the previous one. Unfortunately, at present, you cannot work for this petitioner. 

2. If your I-94 is valid for ~60 days, you are entitled to have a 60-day grace period. If it is already expired; you lose such privilege. 

3. Waiting to receive rejection documents and then act to search new job is not going to benefit you. Start applying for other employment opportunities ASAP. 

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