What is my Maxout date?


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I have few questions regarding my maxout date.


  1. I had traveled initially in 2009 on L-1B visa to USA. In this visa, I was in USA for 2.4 years. I went back to India on June 2012.
  2. Again I traveled back to USA in March 2013 on New L-1B visa. In this time, I had applied for L to H conversion in consular mode. So I got H-1B visa valid from Oct-2014. So I went back to India in June 2016 (On L-1B visa maxout)
  3. I stayed in India from June 2015 to Sept 2017. In this time frame, My H-1B approved petition got expired. So I applied for H-1B in non cap mode.
  4. Now I came back to USA on H-1B visa on Oct 2017. The current H-1B visa and I94 are valid till July 2019.


So could you please let me know whether now the maxout date is Dec 2018?  Or the clock will get reset and the maxout date is going to be Sept 2013?

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