Movement for EB2 in FY12.. Any ideas/inputs?


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Does anyone know how the dates will progress in FY12? Last year, EB2 was stuck for 8 months before the spillover numbers helped progressed the dates. Will the dates be stagnant? If so, so be it. At least expectations will be set. I am interested as I am less than a week away from being current and work on EAD. Any inputs are welcome.

Good luck to all.

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There is just no way to predict this at this point. It will depend on how many cases are still pending with earlier PDs. If the USCIS updates the pending I-485 chart, that would help give a better picture. I can definitely report that the forward movement of the dates cleared out many I-485 cases that had been pending since 2007.

There are some people who were just able to file their I-485s at the end of the FY b/c they did not file in 2007. Most of these are spouses who got married after 2007. But, this is a fairly small group.

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