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I am on an H1B Visa right now.I am planning on applying for a H4 Visa in a week's time.

I am interviewing for some jobs at the moment.

If I filed for an H4 next week( which I should, because then I would be 45 days away from my H1 expiration date) and then I find a job right after that, is there a way to revoke the H4 application I submitted.

What would be my options at that time.Can someone please throw some light on this.



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Thanks for your response.

I am not sure I understand, why would I be out of status, because I just finished my project last week and have pay stubs until then and actively interviewing.My H1 is valid until end of sept 2011.

Can you please explain.



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On H1B, you MUST be PAID for every single day you are physically present in the US or you are out of status. You will also be out of status if you have been terminated but are receiving severance.

You need to learn your rights and RESPONSIBILITIES while you are in the US on H1B. Ignorance of US laws is no excuse when you violate them.

Interviewing for a job if unpaid is NOT enough toi keep you legal in the US.

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