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My I-140 was approved by employer A.
Applied for H1 transfer with employer B on June 15, 2017. Current H1 expired on 09/03/2017. I got RFE on 09/08/2017 with my H1 transfer asking for level 1 wage difference (Why are you hiring an experienced guy on level 1 wage). What are the possible ways to answer this RFE and in case of deny, what are my options.
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So, why did employer B file the H1 with a level 1 wage? Ask your employer.

Unless you are fresh out of college, there is no justification for that.

Your employer needs to file a new LCA with a salary level that matches your experience. And obviously, you need to get paid the salary that matches your experience.

Paying you a low salary is not going to cut it nowadays.

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