I485 File or defer?


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Debating whether to file 485 or postpone it.

PD becomes current come Jul 1, 11. I140 is already approved. Would be an exciting piece of news, right. A few issues.

1) need to travel overseas late august. AP can't be obtained in time for that.

2) may miss FP appointment due to the overseas travel.

3) medical situation might entail a dependent to be abroad till December.

What is recommendation? file 485 now or defer until december when the whole family is in the US? or should the dependent who is overseas opt for CP?

(I do understand all the benefits of filing now)

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1) You can travel on H or L visa.

2) Reschedule.

3) Good question... well, you are not losing anything by applying for yourself. Yes, AC21 with EAD use is out of the question if you must maintain status, but it would be out of the question if you don't apply, either.

I would apply.

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Thank you for your response.

I would also apply if I were not worried about:

GC approved for me by december and dependent who is overseas is stuck there and has to do FB GC.

If all (myself+dependents) apply now and get the 485 receipt in, the dependent has to be abroad till december, will my application be "approvable" if the dependent can't do the FP+medicals until returning to US in december?

What abt CP for dependent?

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