J1 fear of persecution waiver

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DOS website for my case says there's no information regarding my case. But the USCIS website says they asked for non-USCIS advisory opinion on 11/01, which is the opinion of DOS. Weird. 

Probably DOS is backlogged. As you said Power, as far as DOS is concerned they haven't even received my file. 

In my case DOS is behind, from what I understand waiver applicant in your case USCIS website is behind. Strange. 

I wish y'all the best, I hope you get the waiver before I do. As long as it's positive, I don't care when. 

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Based on the forum lot of people say they update status at midnight eastern night , I check almost every night ! Based on several post I believ there was one poster rags who used to run some software to get the result I wish we had some one like that. Wait is so frustrating and so much of insecurity 

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Thank you Power,

No I never had "letter of need" in my list. But I think it might be some other documentation related to your waiver basis (hardship). Also you can see that I have "other" which you don't have. Could be the same thing with different names. 

Hopefully you'll get a favorable recommendation soon as well. Best of luck! 

I still have to wait for USCIS's final decision. That could take a few weeks too.   

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No, I didn't do any of that. I contacted my congressperson but by the time they replied my case was resolved. But you should do this. Contact your state senator and tell them about your case. They can inquire and it can help you. 

I think it's the basis Power. I'm sure if your case is solid, you'll get it. As far as I can tell, hardship is a little bit different. My basis was persecution and the issue is known at the DOS so probably that's the reason why it was a bit quick. 

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