Joining new employment on EAD


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You have not indicated if you are currently on H1. 

If your priority date becomes current OR is likely to become current in the near future then you can hold sending Supplemental Form-J (AC21) asking DHS to interfile in your 485 petition - in such a case just make sure your employer will be willing to fill in all the relevant details for the form-J.  

If your priority date is not on the horizon , i would recommend you do Supplemental Form-J. Tell your employer that they might need to give it again when the dates become current and when you receive RFE. Filing Supplemental Form-J *might* help when you cross the border via air and come into the United States. I had travelled several times on EAD and not once was i asked about my employment. It appears like they ask you about your employer in airports like Abu Dhabi, Dubai which are part of the USA global entry program. If you are coming via some other airport you should be fine. 

In addition you may refer to my other postings here :

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