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Hi !

I am on H1B since 2015 with consulting firm (employer A) . In May 2017, I have transferred to another consulting firm (employer B) and have been on the project since then. I received an RFE for the transfer (i.e. verifying employee - employer relationship which was [Employer B - Vendor - Implementation partner]) & employer B has answered the query (Waiting for the approval). Now due to some reasons, Vendor layer has been removed and my 'employer B' is working directly with 'Implementation Partner'. [Employer B - Implementation partner])

My questions are:
1) If for some reason my RFE is not cleared and I receive another RFE for the transfer, What options do I have? because my initial transfer was 1 layer and now there is no layer. The same old case for transfer might not hold good.
2) In the event that my current project with the 'Implementation Partner' ends, will my transfer be in risk ( as it is still in process with RFE) ? 
or can I find new project & and apply a new transfer with new project and withdraw current H1 transfer  ?
3) In the worst case that my transfer gets rejected, can I go back to my previous employer A as they have not revoked the H1B yet.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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