Change employers with approved I-140 (AC21)


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Hello All,

I could not find a clarifying explanation about the question i had regarding the final rule effective Jan 2017, so seeking your guidance. 

I am an Indian citizen and have an approved I-140 with my current employer (employer A) with priority date in 2015 and current H1B expiration date in Sep 2019.

1) Can i change my job (similar role) and move to employer B, and get a new 3 year H1B visa with the new employer? (With validity till Sep 2020, assuming i change the job in Sep 2017)?

2) Once i am with employer B, do i need to have PERM and new I-140 approved before getting another 3 year extension beyond 2020?  Or can i get extension based on I-140 approval from my employer A. (Since i am from india, EB-2 priority date wont be current for the next 8-10 years).

3) Once i am with  employer B, Can i change the job in 2018 and switch to employer C (similar role)? Or do i need an approved I-140 from employer B before changing job again?

 These questions are not about retaining priority date (hence i mentioned change to similar role), but about need for repeated PERM and I-140. Would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks.

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