Received Green Card- Change Job/Employer Immediately after a few days?

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This question may have been answered many times I am sure but I am just a newbie. I am EB3-India and going to get my green card after 10 long years of waiting. 


  1. Upon receipt of the green card, can I move to another employer and different job or same job profile after few days or is there any fixed rule by USCIS that you have to work for a set amount of time ? If moving to another company or job profile, what risks would be involved?
  2. Also, if I do work for the same employer which sponsored by green card, can I work side by side with another company/start business on my own while working with the original green card sponsoring employer?
  3. While traveling for the first time out of U.S with the green card to abroad, do I need to carry my original H1B/EAD documents when coming back in to the US for verification and stand in the line that says for permanent residents/U.S Citizen? If yes, please let me know if they ask any questions.
  4. How do I change my wife's name from maiden name to my name after getting greencard? What are the procedures as we both are Indian citizens?

Any comments would be helpful.


Thank You





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1. It would seem 6 months is standard. But circumstances change and you get a better job and so on. Hence discuss specifics of your case with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice.

2. Subject to your contractual obligations to the current employer, you can.

3. BIOMETRICS identifies you and questions asked should be answered truthfully to the best of your knowledge. The H1 etc. has become irrelevant.

4. What's in A  name? It is easiest to have her keep her maiden name. If you must then I suspect it starts with the Indian Embassy for guidance and once changed passport wise she would need to change SSN/DL and so on.

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