Stay beyond i94 expiry


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My L1B visa has expired in Sep 2016(Initial 3 years) which approved in Sep 2013, however, has valid i94 until May 2018. I filed an extension in Sep 2016 but withdraw due to RFE. Now I am again planning to file extension so that I can stay beyond May 2018 based on L1B extension pending result.

Question 1 - Just wanted to check if this is possible to stay beyond i94 expiry based on L1B extension pending result?

Question 2 – If yes, how long we can stay?

Question 3 – If yes, is it possible we can get the Driving license as usually DMV only issue license based on i94 validity.

Question 3 – If not, how we can drive the car in the US. I mean based on India license or any other option?

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