L1B - 5 years completed - Question related to post cool off period


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I initially got my L1B visa and PED valid for 3 years in 2013. After 3 years of L1B visa completion in 2016, my company suggested me to get fresh L1B visa from Canada instead of renewing. I got fresh L1B valid till 2020 in Canada, however PED is 2018 considering the previous stay on L1B. As I would be completing 5 years with L1B visa(s), I would need to go back to India in 2018 as per the provided PED.

As my visa is stamped till 2020 and considering the fact that I will not utilize the whole 5 years visa (with my second visa stamp), I have following questions.

1) Can I utilize the pending 2.5 years visa(new stamping) post the cool off period? 
2) If yes, does it involve visa interview to extend the petition?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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