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I got my H-1 B stamping approved at Nogales on Monday August 22 2017.

ASC appointment:  Aug 21st  11:30 AM
Visa appointment:  Aug 22nd 09:00 AM

Below are the interview questions.

Is this a new H1 or renewal?
Who do you work for?
How long you have been with your company?
Did you have any issues with copes in US?
What do you do for this company?
What is your pay?
Where do you live?

No documents asked other than passport and I-797.

VO said that the visa has been approved and asked to come at 4 pm same day and can pickup if ready or will be ready by next day. I went to the consulate at 4 pm and picked up passport.

I stayed at Fairfield inn near consulate and they have free shuttle to take you to ASC center for fingerprints and also drop you at the Port of Entry.

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Hi Prathap,

Myself and a friend of mine are planning to go to Nogales. I went to Canada for my Visa last time but this is my first time going to Mexico. Can you please give us some insight on the process and additional details we need to know. Any info is greatly appreciate.

Also please let us know if there is a easier way to reach you.

Thank you



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