H4 ead need urgent help..


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I recently approved i 140 and applying for h4 ead for my wife. I still have 2 years to complete my 6 years on h1b. Based on my situation have few questions.

1. How much time h4 ead approval takes now a days?.

2. Should I have been applied for h4 ead after I receive receipt for i 140? (Not approval). Is it possible that i could have save some time?

3. Our both i 797 is valid until sep 2019 but my i 94 is valid until Oct 2017and my wife i 94 valid until March 2018 as per old passport expiration dates. We both renewed passport now and planning to cross border to Canada side and come back so I 94 will be updated until sep 2019. If I apply for EAD before her i 94 get updated, USCIS will issue EAD until sep 2019 or March 2018?

4. Can I apply for ead my self or do I need employer?

Appreciate your replies.





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