Known Risk of H1B Transfer, Amendment & Immediate GC Process in 6th Year

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I am currently in company A and am in 6th year of H1B and my visa(&i-94) expiring in 1-Jan-18 and i have I-140 approved 1.5 year before. I got another offer with nice package to join Company B and they are willing to do H1B transfer and immediate GC processing. My extension is still not filed with company A. Company B is looking to join in 2 weeks period using H1B Transfer Receipt number. Below are my questions,

1.  If i join with H1B Receipt number, any risk involved in 6th year? 
2. Will i get 3 year extension if i do H1-B transfer using the I-140 from Company A?

3. If H1B Transfer is approved with Comp B, then should i do H1B extension immediately after joining before 1-Jan-18?

4. If i get 1 year H1B transfer, then should i file PERM  & I-140 again with Company B within 1 year of visa validity? 

5. Can the company A possible to revoke my I-140(got 1.5 year before) and will there be any chance of H1-B Transfer denial ?

6. Final question, is there any other risk involved with my case? 

I am confused on whether to accept the offer or to stick with Company A and appreciate any suggestions. 

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