Regarding the pending AP travel


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Dear Counselor

My wife and I are planning to have a one week trip in Japan and a two week trip in China, coming back Oct 22.

We are in the I485 pending status and our current AP/EAD combo card valid through 11/14/17.

We applied for combo card renew on July, but the renewal is still pending, the current process timeline is 5 months. 

I am currently on F1- OPT which will be inactive after i made the international trip, thus I will rely on the AP/EAD combo card to work after I get back on Oct 22


1) if our AP 131 renewal gets denied. Would the EAD also get denied? Since we apply for the combo card

2) If the AP and EAD both get denied and we reapply an AP/EAD again. Am I still qualified as in the “AP/EAD application pending” status? Would this impact the 180 days EAD extension? Would there be a gap which will impact my ability to work? 

Thank you very much. 

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