Can I get married in the US while I'm on B2 visa?


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My girlfriend and I are planning to get married. I am out of USA right now and can only go there on B2 visa.

I've been reading some posts and most of the lawyers said it's a fraud to get married on B2 and then change your status to H4, because coming on B2 indicates you intend to leave the country in a short period of time.

My question is if I can go there on B2, get married, leave US, and then get a H4 visa at the consulate in my home country. Do I still need to concern about the above question?

My gf is not a US citizen, but she's on H1B visa and is already in the green card application process.

Since this is a same-sex marriage, we're unable to get married in my home country. We can get married in her home country but that requires a lot of time and money to travel. 

If it really looks bad to get married while I'm on B2, is there any other option that would allow us to get married in the US?

We're really looking forward to be together again, so any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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