H1b extn in progress travel outside USA.. URGENT PLZZ HELP


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My H1b extension is in progress at California Service Center 

current H1b. Expired April 25, 2017

H1 extn filed: Feb 27, 2017

RFE received: July 13, 2017

RFE responded/ received by USCIS:  Aug 10, 2017

There is a emergency situation I want to travel out of country around September 26, 2017. 

I am not sure if I will get approval by then. how are california service center response review times?

1. Is it safe to leave the country while H1-b extn is in progress? hoe does it impact my H1-b approval?

2. how does USCIS gets notified that I have left the country while case is pending?

3.  What are the chances that my h1b petition gets approved while my extension(I-94) gets denied? (not sure if I have used right terminology)

4. if my h1b gets approved while I am outside, can I go stamping and come back ?


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!


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