Employer change within 180 days of I140 approval


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Any info/ advice on the below PERM/ I140 questions would be very much appreciated!

Note: All going well, I expect to get the PERM and then my I140 approved by end-December-2017 (via I140 premium processing).

1. Is premium processing for I140 on hold as well (like the hold on H1B premium processing), although both of these are independent processes?

2. Once I140 is approved, is it recommended that I stay with my employer for a period of 180 days post I140 approval? I believe I can still join a new employer, but if the previous employer (that filed the I140) decides to revoke it, can the new employer continue with the GC process with the I140 and priority date intact (since the I140 was previously approved)? Or will the new employer have to start the entire Green Card process again? I ask this since I will be completing the 6-year period on my H1B visa end-September 2018. Assuming that I switch employers in January 2018, I’m not sure an 8-9 month period would be long enough to restart the Green Card process and get a new I140 approved (while continuing to stay in the US). 

Thanks in advance!

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