Where can I do 221g fingerprinting in the US for H1-B?


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I received an approved H1-B extension off my I-140 from my current employer employerA couple of months ago. I received a new job from employerB who filed for H1-B transfer earlier last week. I have non-flexible travel plans in November. Given the current hold on premium processing, I applied for visa stamping using employer A's I-797 while being in the US. My parent picked up my passport this morning from Mumbai office and was notified about the 221g white slip for pending fingerprinting. The officer at desk notified about this can be done in the US. I have following queries about the whole scenario and would appreciate feedback/suggestions

1. I am not sure about fingerprinting for US visa being done in the US that the officer at Mumbai consulate specified. I have knowledge about fingerprinting at USCIS office, though, not sure if this is same.
2. If I am able to get fingerprinting done in the US, how does one get visa stamped here(US)? Does anyone here has done that before?
3. The white slip letter specifies a time period of 1 year to provide fingerprints. I am traveling to India in November. Would I be able to get fingerprinting done then, given my employerA I-797 with which I have currently applied would be void then?

Some other options
-> Go to India now for a week and get finger printing and visa stamping done while employed with employerA.
-> Give up employment with employerB. Not sure how that works as the H1-B transfer has been filed.
-> Wait till November with the hope that H-1B visa for employerB gets approved (hoping for premium processing to resume in October) and file a new application with a new I-797 receipt or update the old application with the new receipt.

I am aware this is a unique scenario and would appreciate any kind of info or suggestions or feedback.


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