Petioner Name on H1-B Approval Notice I-797


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I am filling my visa application form DS-160 and noticed following:

My Employer is XYZ Healthcare Associates LLC. That's the name filled in on H1-B application forms by lawyer.

On my H1-B approval notice (I-797), it says XYZ Healthcare Assoc LLC


Instead of Associates it says Assoc - is it because there is character limit and USCIS can not fit all of it? It says Assoc at various places where my Petioners name is.

And what should I fill in my visa application form DS-160,  XYZ Healthcare Associates LLC (complete name) v/s XYZ Healthcare Assoc LLC (as on H1-B Aprroval notice) ?


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I am planning to get H1B visa stamped after 10 years of stay in US. The H1B visa stamped on Dec'2006. Will there be any issue in getting stamped in India? I have all the documents. The LCA for the recent client is filed late after an year. Will it be an issue? Last entry in US is May 2008.

Now I have to go to india and it is an emergency. Please reply.

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