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I will be going soon for my H1B visa stamping to Mexico and I have a question regarding the Employment Verification letter. My employer is a health insurance company and it uses a third party website called The Work Number for providing Employment verification Letters. The format of the document generated here is different from a typical Employment Verification letter.  It has the company's logo on it but does not have anyone's signature at the bottom. It however mentions-  "This verification was authorized and approved via electronic signature. - Company Name." I have included the format below. My question is  - is this document sufficient/valid or should i really push for a conventional Employment letter.   

Employment Details
Employment Status: Active 
Most Recent Start Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Total Time With Employer: X years, Y months 
Job Title:  ABC  
Rate of Pay: $xxx Bi-weekly. 

2017 - 
2016 -
2015 -


Thanks for your time and help.


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