new advisory opinion after J1 visa renewal?

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I completed my PhD on a J1 student visa. (I chose J1 over F1 so that my wife could work easily.) Currently, I am a postdoc under J1 academic training. I need to renew my J1 visa stamp, which expires next month. 

My original J1 visa stamp (issued in December 2012) said that 212(e) applies. Fortunately, I got an advisory opinion saying that 212(e) does NOT apply.
My question is: Would I have to get another advisory opinion after I renew my visa? I have a new DS2019, but the program number and the DS2019 number haven't changed since I got the original J1 visa.

Another question is: Can the fact that I have already completed the PhD program for which I got the J1 visa be risky for renewing the J1 visa, especially proving the non-immigrant intent? 


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