Successful H1B H4 Visa Stamping in Tijuana on Expired Visa with Mexican Visa


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US Visa stamping  Experience in Tijuana Travelling on an expired US visa

Me (dependent H4) and my husband (H1B Stamping - after changing employer in US, last stamping
done in 2010 which was valid till 2012) went for H1B H4 visa stamping in Tijuana with 2 kids 2
year and 8 year old on Aug 6, 2017 . We were on an expired US visa so had to take Mexican visa.

Mexican visa process

 We are from San Diego so went to Mexican consulate for Mexican visa. You need 2 appointments,
one for each individual and need to make sure that you have all documents as mentioned in their
checklist as they strictly follow it. Dependants need marriage certificate to be apostilled and
legalized  Also Spanish translated marriage certificate by official translator(We used Rush
Translate Online Site) . You need to carry separate documents for both primary and spouse
(dependent) and have 2 separate interview appointments. I did not have apostilled marriage
certificate so they did not agree for Mexican visa as dependant . However as I was working on H4
Ead I was able to get Mexican visa with all other documents without claiming as dependent.
Required employment verification letter with photo ID of HR issuing the letter, bank statements,
pay stubs(Refer documents listed in their site) 

Travel to Mexico 

We took Greyhound bus from San Diego to Tijuana  on Aug 6,2017 . As traveling with  little kids
and as  we had 2 baggage so walking and crossing the border was not practical. Bus was
convenient. Our bus time from San Diego was 3pm . By 4.45pm we reached Tijuana. Paid $10 from
grey hound bus Terminal to Hyatt Place.There is prepaid Taxi Stand just outside of the Bus
Terminal. We went 1 day advance for kids. 


ASC Biometric  and Stamping Appointment

We stayed at Hyatt Place. Best place to stay with Super market( Sorianno SuperQ)  and lot of
places to eat(Mc Donalds, Burger King, Punjabi Indian Cusine, Italianna, Cabanna, some Chines
restaurant all walkabke) .  Also Hyatt provides complimentary breakfast. ASC is just 5 mins walk
from Hyatt. In ASC no electronics or liquids allowed. Women are asked to remove earring and clips
and tie hair with rubberband(which they provide) . Entire process take 15 mins. Our ASC
appointment was on Aug 7, 12.30pm .  We arrived 25 mins before our appointment time and waited in
the line to enter the ASC. 

Next day US visa appointment we did book uber but couldn't locate the driver as they didn't come
to the front of Hyatt and ended taking shuttle from Hyatt. He took $9 for US consulate.

It is 15 mins from Hyatt. There is small white van that holds mobile for $3 if you need to carry
mobile otherwise you can leave all electronics in hotel. We took 1 mobile and kept in the van
safer. We reached 15 mins prior to our appointment time. 

They do security check.You are asked to remove belt and any other things kept in pocket. Then you
are asked to go to the next building 2 nd right door. 

In the next building , they check documents one window, fingerprinting check 2nd window and 3 rd
window interview. For Interview Asked if we had green card process initiated . Whether we are
software engineers. Whether kids are born in US.

Passport Collection and Return back to San Diego

Next day Passport collection at 3pm. Took 20 mins as there was a line. From there we took Uber
and went to Grey hound bus terminal($7 paid $1 tip) and our bus was at 4.50pm .
We reached border by 5.10 pm and entered for the Immigration check. There since we didn't have
new I-94 stamped, the officer guided to the next building (a little long walk with kids and
baggage) to take I-94 and then get it stamped. You need to pay $6 cash/I94 to get the I-94 and
then the officer does the stamping.Yoi need to carry cash. Verify all the information is right as
they do make mistakes.
In my case the officer stamped current year instead of the year on the visa and later corrected
it. The officer guided as back to the outside of the border . By 5.30pm we were out. We took Uber
from SanYsidro(they wait at Jack in the box) to our destination instead of waiting for our next
Greyhound bus as that was convenient. 

Once we reached home when we checked the Get Most Recent I-94 online we saw that date was incorrect
though the officer had corrected in the I-94 that was given to us. So next day we went to US
Customs and Border Protection Deferred Inspections office  in San Diego and got the date updated in their

Hope this helps someone. 

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20 hours ago, lovely said:

Did you & your husband had same appointment time? Was there anyone taking care of your kids? Were you allowed to take your kids to the consulate at the time of your appointment? If yes, how did you know you could take them?

For H1B H4 stamping same appointment for both. You can take kids to the consolate. We took them everywhere ASC, Visa Interview and Passport Collection. 

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On 8/22/2017 at 9:32 AM, lovely said:

Hello Manju,

Thanks for your reply, how did you know you could take your kids? did you have any confirmation from consulate? or you just walkin? we have 2 infants and they need attention, 3yrs & 8months.


You can take kids. No confirmation needed. However no food or drinks allowed in ASC or Consolate. My Kids were 8yr and 2 yr old

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On 9/7/2017 at 4:44 PM, manju_2in said:

Previous H1B stamping was done in India in 2010 and H4 stamping was done India , 2014 

Yes, you can go for stamping in mexico. technically H1B & h4 are considered as same H visa category. As long as you are on any one of those visa categories, you should be good to attend visa interview in mexico.

To meet others who been to Tijuana, please feel free to send me an email, i will share that group details.

Good luck !!!


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