221G pending. Sponsor company wants to withdraw.


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Sir/ Madam, I was sponsored by X company for H1B. After initial RFI which was answered by Xcompany in detail, I got my approval and was called for stamping in mid march'17. The officer at the Chennai consulate said that he wanted detailed financial papers of the company and not just the summary of the financials. No other questions were asked and I was put on 221G. They did not take my passport, but only took the blue i797 form from my documents and told me to submit all my documents when Im notified. I have been following up with USCIS and their helpdesk but Only my application is still pending till date without change in status despite X company sending the details to uscis by april 1st week.

Unfortunately for me, X wants to withdraw my application due to the impact it might create on their other petitions now or in future.  Other people petitioned by this company also got 221G but their approvals came through and they got stamped. X company was very professional and open in all their matters and were confident about their genuinity. 

My questions are:

1. If X withdraws my application, will my status be cancelled or rejected, or will I be under cap exempt status?

2. if I have cap exempt status even though X withdrew my petition, can some other company sponsor me and how long will my cap exempt status be available?

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