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Parul Garg

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My husband had applied for change of status from h4 visa to f1 visa. After six months of i-539 application , He received RFE .  RFE contains question for asking evidences for following things :-

1. Student status

2. evidence of residence abroad

3. Daily commute - since school is 2 hours drive from the residence

4. financial support

5. Statement for change of status  - they asked to submit 

. A detailed statement explaining your academic history and goals

. A detailed statement describing how the master of science program at Sullivan is different from any prior degrees you have earned.

. A detailed statement of how you chose to attend Sullivan university and why you chose to remain in te U.S. and apply for a change of status to F-1 rather than returning to your home country and applying for U.S student visa.

. A detailed statement of exactly what skill you seek to gain through practical training that differ from your previous education and work experience.


Could you please suggest an appropriate response to USCIS to get F1 visa approved.


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1. Has he joined or not?

2. Hopefully he paid tax in India and can use that address or his family address.

3. This is a deal breaker. If he is going to move closer then he should enclose proof.

4. Financial bank records.

5. Only he can answer. Avoiding the Airfare is an easy one and because he is eligible to change status.

Sullivan is not what he should be looking for. I bet if he joined say UCLA, none of these questions would arise. The same questions would arise for the F1 visa if he applies for SULLIVAN. He should look for a known Public Institution. Just my 2 cents.

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