Renewing Driver License with H1B Receipt Notice I-797C during H1B Extension- In Ohio State


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Yes, You can certainly Renew your Driver License using H1B Receipt Notice I-797C. Again it depends on the state but most states do accept. In Ohio State they renew DL for 1 year with H1B Receipt Notice I-797C

Here are the Following documents needed in State of Ohio for Renewing Driver license with H1B Receipt Notice I-797C. 

  1. H1B Receipt Notice- I797C (Original. They don't accept Photo Copy)
  2. Employer Letter (Original, No Photo Copy)
  3. SSN Card
  4. Address Proof(Bank Statement, Utility Bill etc)

For reference- Here is the link from Ohio State University with Additional details in related to Renewing Driver License

Hope this helps. Good Luck! 





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