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Hi all i applied for my opt stem extension and the case was received on may 18 th. i got an rfe on Aug 1st and received the rfe document on aug 4th Below are documents requested.

1) You must submit evidence that your employment is directly related to your area of studies. such evidence must include documentation from your employer describing in detail the duties of the position.

2) The employer name and E-Verify number listed in part 17 of the application cannot be validated. please provide correct E-Verify number and your employer correct business name listed in the E-Verify. E-Verify number should be five or six digit long.

-Requested second document is for the mistake which I have done by myself by entering my Employer ID Number instead of Employer E-Verify Number at column 17 in the I-765 form. So in order to resolve this should i send a new I-765 form by entering the correct E-Verify number or should i just send them the correct number.

-I need some suggestion regarding the first document requested. What should i send them for the first RFE? should i send them the I-983 form which will have all the requested details which is also signed by my employer or else should i send any additional documents.

Any Suggestion is appreciated.


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