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I am currently on F1 OPT. I was working for Company A and I lost of job few weeks back. My H1-B application was picked in this years lottery, so it would become effective Oct 1st 2017. Company A has told they will not withdraw my application immediately and I have time until end of Sept to find another employer who would do the transfer. My question is can I start working on F1 OPT with Company B and end of Sept and the can apply for H1-B transfer later. Would this cause any issue or should I wait until end of Sept so Company B can apply for transfer?

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I am also facing this same issue. I am currently on Stem OPT extension which is valid till 31 may 2019.My company Company A filed for an h-1 b for me this year which got picked in lottery but on 31st july 2017 there were layoffs in the company and i was laid off.Company A said they won't be withdrawing the H-1 b application.My H-1 b is in pending status yet.Is it possible for me to join any company B before October 1 2017 and then tell them to transfer my H-1 b on October 1 2017.

Also if i don't get an employer till October 1 2017.What will be my visa status on October 1 and how many days do i have to find another job.

I need help on this urgently.



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I am currently on stem OPT visa which is valid till may 31 2019.

My last employer(Company A) had filed an h-1 B application this year for me and it got picked in the lottery, but there was a layoff in my Company A and my last day of employment with that Company A was 31st july 2017.Company A told they won't be withdrawing the application.
My H-1 b has not got approved yet.
Q) Is it possible for me to ask Company A to withdraw the application for H-1 b and what can be the last date for asking that ? So that i can remain on Stem OPT visa.
Can you please answer the above question.It is very urgent.
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