Visitor visa got rejected for single mother from india -tn work visa


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I am a canadian citizen and currently working on tn visa in USA past one year.My husband is a H1 -B holder.Both of us sent an invitation letter to my mother to visit USA.My mother lives in India and went for her usa visiting visa interview in india but got rejected twice.She is a single parent.The questions asked by the officer were:

Who are you visiting  in USA?

Daughter and son in law 

Can i see your daughters passport?


OH ur daughter is a canadian?


Why dint you visit canada before?: She was studying so wanted to take me once she was settled but she got maried and left to usa she wants me to visit usa and show me places 

Is she ur only daughter?


SORRY I can't give you the visa.


And gave her 214 letter.


Please advise me what i should do to apply for her next time..i want to make sure she gets it this time.she has self sponsored herself and shown bank statements with property but the interviewer is always seeing my passport and rejecting her.please help!!!

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