Inquiring the status of the N400 application with USCIS


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Hello All , 

Wondering if there is an option to inquire the status of the N400 application .   

My status on the USCIS site is Obsolete , its says " Fingerprint Appointment Was Scheduled"  though the actual finger printing was done on 4/25/17.

Looks like either Status is not updated properly or my application is stuck due to some issues . 

Does it help to inquire , or is it advisable to wait ?

Is there any particular method /channel to make such inquiry  ?

Thanks in Advance 


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After fingerprinting, the application gets sent to the local USCIS office. That means there is no more online status update, because the status only comes from the federal office.

My N-400 said "pending" on the online site long after I had the oath...


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Thanks Joe .

 I and my wife Applied at the same time. Also  biometrics were taken at the same field office at the same time 

For some reason, her application status  is being properly updated 

ie "In line for Interview "  and then to "Interview was scheduled" ... 


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Each application is processed separately. So from what you mention it seems like all the processing for your wife's application is complete and now the interview has been scheduled. You will need to wait until USCIS processing times report for your service center passes your filing date in order to give the call and enquire about status. USCIS will not entertain any calls if your cases is within the processing time window.

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