applying b2 visa when 2 h1b petitions are in process


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hi all,

to give a little backgroud :

i had a 10 year b1/b2 visa which expired last oct 2016. i went to US for 4 times - 1 month every time for company trainings.

in 2015, my petition got picked in h1b lottery got approved after replying to an rfe.
during interview, i was given 221g. employer replied but they send back petition to uscis.
uscis sent a intent to revoke notice and employer has replied back with a response.
uscis is reviewing it.

so, i got another employer to file a cap exempt on my previous petition on premium.
this time i got rfe. employer replied and uscis raised another one after getting response for 1st one.
employer is preparing response for second rfe.

now, my question is can i apply for b2 visa for travel purpose with my family as i intended to go for a US vacation. my wife already has valid b2.
what are the chances of it getting approved.

any help will be appreciated.

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