employer change in between OPT extension and H1B approval


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Hi Everyone,

Currently I am on OPT extension and working for company A (startup), company B filled H1 and got selected, status showing as in-progress/received .


If my h1-B final status haven't know until Oct 1st, came to know the status some where mid of Oct/Nov.

1.  Is it Ok if I work for company A until  I found the final status  (if status came to know in mid of Oct/Nov with approved from Oct 1st  for company B. )

Do I need to move to the company B from Oct 1st on words.


Please provide your inputs.


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Thank You JoeF for your inputs, still my status showing in-progress, I don't have any hopes status will change before Oct 1st.

I am thinking (Please correct me if I am wrong) stay with company A, until I receive h1 approval notice for company B, then move to company B. 

Let's assume I got approval notice on Nov1st, I am planning to join/work for company B from Nov1st on words, acording to company B LCA start date is from Oct 1st.


Will it be a problem in future If I join B from Nov1st for application approved from Oct 1st.

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