H1B stamping for couple


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We are planning to go to India for stamping. My self and my wife both are on H1B. We have a 1 yr old kid (US citizen).

Wondering if we both can go together (to the same counter) or better to keep our applications/appointment separately. what are the pros and cons?

I would like experts opinion / personal experience.

I heard taking kid will help, not sure how far that is true and how it helps with visa :)

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Last year, my wife and I attended Delhi consulate for our individual H1 stamping. When we booked our appointments, we used two different logins but booked the same slots so that we can travel together and stay in Delhi at the same time. Even though we are husband and wife, our companies are different, jobs are different, skills are different. 

In my opinion, you should not mix together but attend interviews separately. If possible, dont take kids. 

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