H1B visa got rejected.But still is there any chance with to get approved with another consultancy?

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I was in US with my L1B visa for 5 years (Jan-2011 to Oct-2015). Came back to india in Oct-2015.Then I have filed H1 with some local US consultancy in April-2016 and got selected through lottery in May-2016.My consultant provided me the petition number. I have waited almost one year to get any status updated on USCIS website.Finally in May-2017 status was showing RFE. Consultancy/attorney responded with some answer and got rejected in Jun-2017.We had a discussions to re-open or so which shall happen within one month and dropped the idea of thinking very low probability.It happened to my other friends also with same consultancy.At this point of time My hope is zero.

But what if some other strong consultancy re-open my case to get it approved? Will it be possible?

Any kind of help will be a great help to me.


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