B2 visa rejected twice for SIL, suggestions for reapplying


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My husband has applied B2 visa for my co sister. She has same surname as my husband. 

They asked for some basic information. She answered everything and but got rejected with 214b reasoning. She have all supporting documents and was prepared to give strong genuine reasons which shows strong ties back to India. Her husband is a government employee and her two kids are studying back in India. And they own a house and car. But the interviewer dint even ask any questions related to it but rejected. Going to a little more background, my mother in law(mil) and co sister appeared for b2 visa interview 10days ago for the same interview slot and got rejected because my mil was not able to answer US address information (she couldn't memorize because she is illiterate). We reapplied for my co sister alone and got rejected again as stated above. 

We are desperate to reapply for my co sister. But thinking which combination would work better, my (brother in law and co sister) or (mil and co sister again, with my mil more prepared this time)? And is it ok if we apply right away one more time? My co sister is now already rejected twice. 

Any suggestions are most welcome and appreciated. 

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