H1b transfer after 60 days grace period?


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Dear Sir/Mam,

I have been terminated before 50 days from today. I utilized 60 days grace period to find new job/employer. Fortunately I got an offer today from new employer. Now they will initiate h1b transfer soon (not sure when, hoping within a week after background check). I am assuming my 60 days will be over by the time they file LCA/H1 transfer. In this scenario I have below questions. Please help me in getting answers for those.

1. I don't have pay checks since last 50 days (by the time of transfer it may go more than 60-70 days). What is the chance of approval?

2. What if my transfer gets initiated after 60 days? ( note that I have an offer letter within 60 days).

3. Can I join new company on receipt notice?

4. Can I (including family on H4)  stay in USA after 60 days?

Thanks for all your help.




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