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Hello all,

I received a RFE from USCIS and indicates that i need to fill supplement J form.  I have been working til day with the same company when they have applied for my Perm (EB3) back in 2006.  In the supplement J form, I'm unable to decide which of the two options (1a or 1b) i need to select, since my I-485 and I-140 are already approved and i continue working in the same company and not acquire any new position (though the job responsibilities have changed slightly, such as supervise other co-workers and work as a senior engineer) 

When i contacted my lawyer, the lawyer suggested that he needs to compare current job responsibilities (description) to the job description listed in form I-140 and then decide which of  the options (1a and 1b) to be selected since my job responsibilities have changed slightly and he thinks it is hard to believe that the job offered to me in form I-140 is no longer valid. 

My question is, wouldn't i chose option 1a, since it is the same job that was offered to me and was listed in form I-140 and also my I-485 approved though i gained experience and somewhat been called as "senior engineer" and also supervise my colleagues as needed.  


will it be option 1b, since there is a minor change in job responsbility ?  Please advise.   If option 1b, should my lawyer file for AC21 portability along with supplement J?

Thank you for co-operation



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