Degree needs for H1-B


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I am working with a company from 8 years who sponsored my H1-B and Green Card ( I140 Approved)

Recently at org level the job description were redefined and removed degree requirement from job description.(Basically removed degree requirements from all Job profile descriptions). Note the roles and responsibilities are not changed.

I was told since Job requirement/description does not need a degree any more , Company will not support my H-B extension.

Questions :

1 ) Is degree need is a must for H1B ?

2 ) Can Company stop supporting H1, just because JD requirements redefined though the roles and responsibilities not changed.




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For an H1, the job has to require at least a 4-year degree, and the applicant has to have that degree. 3 years of relevant experience can be substituted for every year missing towards the degree.

If a job doesn't require a degree, it is not possible to get an H1 for that job.

So, you would have to find another employer.

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7 hours ago, Harry_M said:

Thanks Joe.

I have total of 14 years of exp till date and do you think that suffice ??

Also any comment on my second question? Is that legal ?




You apparently didn't quite read or understand my answer.

The JOB has to require a college degree. If the JOB doesn't require that, it is NEVER possible to get an H1 for that job. Your experience is irrelevant at that point.


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