H1 Transfer and Bridge petition

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Dear friends,

My situation is as follows. I am working for company A. I got an offer from company B and they start processing my H1B Transfer and I received my receipt notice. I have a valid I-797 with my current employer A and is valid through August, 2019. I have couple of weeks more with current company. Mean time I got another offer from a well reputed company C. I am planning to move to company C. I have following concerns accepting offer from Company C.

1. Since my petition with company B is still in progress, starting a new petition with company C will cause any problem?

2. Does my case come under bridge petition scenario?

3. What will happen to my petition with company C, in case company B is not ready to withdraw my petition with in a specific time.

4. Does my petition with Company B will anyway effect my petition with company C?

5. What would happen to my petition with company C, in case my current employer A revoke my I-797 while my petition with company C is in progress?


I am really in a tensed situation, If anyone can help me on this , It would be really appreciated. 





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Thanks for giving me a helping reply. I have one more question regarding this, If I don't join company B and wait for company C to finish their visa processing, Will there be any problem? Because company C will finish it's processing in 1 month time and by the time I will pass over my last day with current employer, Hence I will be out of status. 

What is really a bridge petition? Does bridge petition scenario will arise only when my current I-797 is expired or in extension phase.?

I am asking these questions, because I am really unaware of immigration laws and I am really worried about H1B transfer.

I will be really happy if any member can help on this.





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Hi All,

Please help me on this. I forgot to mention one thing in my above post. I am currently working for employer A. I am moving to employer B now (Start working in one week). Mean time I got another offer from employer C. But they will file my petition only after completing LCA processing. So I am planning to join with employer B on receipt notice and once employer C file my transfer petition, I am planning to join with C. Does this come under bridge petition scenario. My current I-797 with employer A is valid through 2019. (Employer A is not ready to extend employment, Hence I have to join with employer B on receipt notice).

Any help is really appreciated as I am really in a tensed situation.



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