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I had recently transferred my H1B to a new employer and before joining the project I had checked with them if I had to sign any kind of bond which they had refused that time. Then after one month they sent me a bond agreement of 18months which I was shocked to see. They never told me clearly what documents they are sending and said only after I sign it my payroll account etc would be setup. On asking to send these documents via email they gave some excuse and insisted on sending it via regular mail.

Meanwhile I received another opportunity and quit the project without giving any notice period and giving some personal reasons of travelling to India. I havent signed any bond with my employer. Now have received mail from the employer saying they contacted USCIS and found out I am still in US and they will file fraud case against me.

I have already replied to him strongly stating that I can very well approach USCIS and my last client and would give all details of the wrong doings my employer was trying to do with me.

My question is can the employer do anything to me legally if I have not served any notice period (as I knew I wouldnt be getting paid by my employer for current month) and have stated had to travel to India due to personal reasons. I havent signed any bond with them. Really appreciate your quick response. Thanks.

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