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Recently I had transferred my H1B to a new employer and before joining he had mentioned there is no bond I would have to sign but later after 1 month of joining he mentioned that he would be sending some documents to me and after signing that my payroll account would be setup in the system. On me asking to send the documents via email he gave some excuse and insisted on sending via regular mail. On receiving the courier I was shocked to see that it had a bond agreement of 18 months. 

Meanwhile I had got another opportunity and decided to take up that to work with my previous employer. As I knew this current employer wouldnt pay me my current month's salary I didnt serve any notice period and quit giving some personal reasons of going back to India.

Now my employer is saying he could take some legal action as he thinks I am still in US. Please advise if he can do anything legally if I dont serve any np giving some personal reasons of going back to India. Also I havent signed any kind of bond with him.

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