COS from H1-B to H-4 back to H1-B visa

Soumya Gujjar

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am currently on H4-visa status without EAD. Prior to holding an H4 visa, I was on a H1-B visa - and I got my H1B visa stamped in 2013. In 2015, when I had a year remaining on my H1-B (I initially got the visa for 3 years), I applied for COS to H4 which was approved. Now, in 2017, I have an offer from a new employer who is willing to take over my H1-B (I am not changing fields, and the job is in the field I did my MS in). I did not leave the country since my COS to H4 in 2015.

My question is - can I start working with the new employer when my COS (from H4 to H1B) is pending (i.e. can I start working after I receive the receipt number for the COS)? Or, should I wait until my COS is approved? 

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