h1b transfer while amendment inprogress


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Hi All,


I am currently working for employer A on h1b, my petition and I94 are valid till Dec 2018.

Now I got another opportunity from employer A which has WFH, so eventually A is going to file h1b amendment.

Also I am in process of looking full time jobs, so below are my queries, please help me here.


1. As my employer A is going to file h1b amendment (without PP), will it any way effect if I get new offer.

2. Mainly I am looking at the scenario when the employer A withdraws original h1b petition and amendment, what will happen with new employer (B) h1b transfer petition.

3. Will B's petition decision depends on A's amendment decision.

4. Also if I go with WFH position, can anyone tell the not todos so that I won't be violating USCIS rules.

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It is recommended to wait & continue in your current position until your amendment is approved and then switch to new position, file for new 797 based on those details, I think lca is required with home address for wfh positions.

Apart from the above, switching between too many employers is not a great idea.

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