N400 citizenship can be filed online ?


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i am about to file N400 for citizenship . most of people are choosing paper form N400 to apply. A few people chose filing online.

USCIS says,USCIS is currently allowing a small number of applicants to submit their Application for Naturalization (N-400) online. If you are not part of this small group, you should download the paper form ,fill it and submit in paper.

My questions:

1) who belongs to the "small number of applicants" as they say ? or USCIS is just willing to spend little time and personnel to process the online N400 application ? 

2) How much difference between paper file and e-file ?  

3) how much difference between their processing speed ? does online filing give you faster processing,or it depends on the field office ? my home state only has one office, while some other popular states have 2-3 field offices.

thanks for any comments.

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this is the site where you can create an account and continue the form N400 online. there is an Indian website and some applicants had proved that they filed online a few months ago and get interview notices earlier than the paper track(their average waiting window is shorter than the paper track ).  this link above is hiding very deep inside of the USCIS page. if you just search N400 at USCIS, you always end up with the info telling you to file paper form.

the only accepted online application forms are I-90, I-131A,which is specifically for applicants who are already permanent residents. USCIS wants to simplify the processing for these two applications. Applicants fill the form online and upload all supporting documents and pay the fees online. All set. you dont need to print out the forms  generated online and mail them again. this save lots of time and paperwork. i think USCIS is using I-90 for testing their online application system as replacing green card is absolutely simpler than others. 

however, my understanding about N400 online application is that, it's definitely different from I-90 form. USCIS allows you to create an account for N400 and put all info yourself ,the same as you are dealing with I-90 online filing. but at the end, you still need to print out the form at the final and mail them out.

The only benefits i can tell would be,

1) all information has been saved immediately into the USCIS system. even you mail the printed form later, the officers dont have to manually put your info into the computer again. all your info has been in the system when you worked online.  this does save their time and might potentially speed up the processing time a little bit. 

2) online form can give you an alert when you are missing something or have typing errors. you have to correct the error before move to NEXT page.  so it's absolutely a guarantee for zero mistake on your form. 


any comments ?





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The paper form is scanned in to their system by the clerks in the mail Office.. The OFFICERS do not have to input anything. The time involved is because they only have 8 hours each and that makes for less than 30 Interviews a day and the numbers who apply are staggering.

One should certainly be able to screen a few pages of an application and print it out to make sure there are no errors. With complicated names involved the computer will not tell you about spelling errors in names and if you input a wrong name your Naturalization will be delayed.

Make sure your form is perfect. Have it proof read by a relative and then send it off by mail.

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